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Pinguido can help.

How I can help

I can help you detail your first 'light bulb' idea until deploying your App or Website to the public. Of course I also do everything in between from writing detailed specifications to design, development, testing and deploying. No matter if you have a very clear idea of what you want or a rough idea that needs to be polished. No matter if you want to be closely involved or your time is limited. I adapt to your needs!

How I work

That depends on your needs and the role you have in mind for me. I am an experienced senior IT project manager, but also an experienced Swift developer. I can program myself or lead a team of developers or even a full project team from designers to testers, etc. I'm perfectly fine with fulfilling a pure developer role. It's up to you.

How it starts

By you filling out the contact form below. Please include a brief description of what you're looking for. Upon receiving your message I'll contact you to have a conversation about what you want and if/how I can help. No strings attached! If you want to take it further I can deliver a high level approach, planning and pricing estimation. Still no strings attached! From there we can take it further if you want.




Scenic - iPhone App

Scenic is a highly successful iPhone App for Motorcyclists. It has been featured in many countries and has reached the top ranks in the App Store in various countries.

Scenic is a navigation application that is a full alternative for expensive Motorcycle GPS Units. Users can select, rate, import and navigate scenic motorcycle routes and track their rides. After finishing a ride it is saved to the user's trip history, including pictures they took along the way and a speed profile.

Scenic has been developed by me in Swift and syncs with a server backend (php with MySQL database) so that users can sync their info between their devices and view their info on the website.

MotoMappers is a Website and Web App for Motorcyclists. It is the accompanying website for the Scenic iPhone App.

It has many features including a blog, social integration and a Web App where users can access their Scenic account and import routes.

MotoMappers is a mix of Wordpress and custom development using HTML, MySQL, PHP, Javascript and CSS.